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Moving Forward

Moving Forward (Salir Adelante, 26', 2022, directed by Bruna Curcio) is based on the stories of women and adolescent migrants who left Venezuela due to the economic, political, social, and humanitarian crises in the country, seeking to rebuild their lives in Brazil and coping daily with the challenges of being in an unfamiliar place, in the position of a woman and a migrant.

The film is one of the products of the research project ReGHID - Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities of Displaced Women and Girls in Contexts of Protracted Displacement in Central and South America. It is an international and interdisciplinary scientific research project led by the University of Southampton (United Kingdom) in partnership with the Federal University of Maranhão (Brazil), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil), Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), FLACSO (El Salvador), and the University of York (United Kingdom). The project investigates the health needs and challenges faced by migrant women and adolescents in displacement. Data from the research are presented in the documentary.

Beyond the numbers, the film allows the women to speak for themselves, making the challenges they face in terms of reclaiming and protecting their rights in supposed safe places visible, where they often continue to be subjected to gender-based risks and humiliations. The documentary, therefore, draws attention to the perilous journeys in search of safety and well-being, as well as the shortcomings of existing protection regimes and policies in addressing the harm, risks, and barriers that prevent migrant women and adolescents from enjoying their full rights with dignity and respect.

Executive producer: Bruna Curcio Soluções Audiovisuais


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